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06/20/2017 - NEW Locally owned Restaurant La Scola Italian Grill
We are please to announce the addition of La Scola Italian Grill in $25.00 denominations at 10% discount. With more than 73 years of combined superior food service in Toledo, we are proud to bring you La Scola Italian Grill. Preparing and serving delicious food has been a significant in the lives of the owners. Their parents put a lot of love into preparing and sharing large family meals. The passion they put into preparing meals translated into love – love was food and food was love. Sun and Mon 5pm-9pm Tues Wed Thurs 5pm-10pm Fri and Sat 4pm-11pm Happy Hour Sunday-Thursday 5pm-7pm Friday - Saturday 4pm-6pm Hungry Hour Sunday-Thursday 5pm-7pm Friday - Saturday 4pm-6pm

06/05/2017 - Vitos are now Cards in $25.00 denominations

05/25/2017 - City Barbeque is NOW back!
City Barbeque gift cards are now back in stock,just in time for summer and graduation parties. Gift cards are in $ 25.00 at 7%.

05/17/2017 - Yang's Gourmet House Restaurant
Yang's Gourmet House Restaurant is now available in 10.00 denomination at 8%. Yan's is located on Heatherdowns Blvd. in center with Premier Hall.

05/08/2017 - Dale's Bar & Grille - Dale's Diner
Dale's Bar & Grille Gift cards can now be used at Dale's Diner as well. $20.00 gift cards now at 12%.

04/04/2017 - Marriott
Marriott 100.00 are no longer available.

03/30/2017 - Yang's Gourmet House Toledo OHIO coming soon

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